• Welcome to ASIMOMA
    Welcome to ASIMOMA
    Your Creative Holidays in Greece
  • From Fountains of Silver
    From Fountains of Silver
    to Mines of Art & Culture
  • ASIMOMA is our silver offering
    ASIMOMA is our silver offering
    to you and your visit to Greece!

Creative Holidays in Greece

ASIMOMA invites you to make your holiday a creative journey with us. Travel from the ancient silver mines of Lavrion to the modern metropolis of Athens and make your mark.

Based in the historical port town of Lavrion we offer our guests the unique opportunity to discover and explore their own artistic paths through packages which range from one day to several weeks. We offer art workshops and creative opportunities in a wide variety of media. Develop new and existing talents surrounded by the history, culture, and life of Greece.

ASIMOMA offers you alternative holidays; opportunities to explore and develop your creativity, as well as enjoy the Greek nature, culture, customs and traditions.

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Art, Craft, and Culture in the “Ancient Silver Mines at Lavrion“

ASIMOMA is set at Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park, Attiki, and is a revived new fountain , transforming the "Silver" of the antiquity to new mines of art, education, culture, exploration, creativity, craft, and wanderlust.
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