Our story


From Fountains of Silver to Mines of Art & Culture

From as far back as 3000 BC, silver was mined at Lavrion. From here came the silver to make the tetradrachm, a coin depicting the Goddess Athena with her symbol, the owl, on the reverse. The Athenian golden age of Pericles (495-429 BC), marked by the creation of immortal monuments such as the Parthenon, was also the Silver Age of Lavrion. ASIMOMA was the name given to an Offering in silver, that is an ancient custom in which silver was offered at religious festivals and other special occasions to propitiate the gods. This practice echoes even today in Orthodox Christian tradition, with offerings of silver coins or silver plated images placed onto miraculous icons in return of cured illness or the fulfilment of a wish, known as ASIMOMA.

ASIMOMA is a revival, a new mine replacing the silver of antiquity with a new rich seam of creativity, culture and wanderlust.

ASIMOMA is based in the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, the impressive campus of the School of Metallurgy, University of Engineering and Technology, Athens. Found at the southeast tip of the prefecture of Attiki, Lavrion is the third largest port in Attiki. Only 50 km from Athens the region is rich in local culture and provides boundless opportunities for holiday makers of all description.

ASIMOMA is a contemporary fountain of silver: every visitor’s mine of creative holidays, art, craft, and culture. ASIMOMA is our silver offering to you and your visit to Greece!

We offer


ASIMOMA offers you alternative holidays; opportunities to explore and develop your creativity, as well as enjoy the Greek nature, culture, customs and traditions.

We organise for you creative workshops, trips to archaeological sites, museums and galleries, talks and experimental-learning based activities. Discovering a new artistic talent, or developing an existing one, is all part of the whole experience. The Mediterranean light, landscape and nature combine with the history of the campus and nearby ancient sites, such as the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and the ancient archaic theatre at Thorikos, to give endless stimulation and inspiration to your imagination.

Meet our team 


We are a team of creative minds dedicated to the practice of art and culture in Greece. We include painters, photographers, iconographers, textiles and book-binding artists, music artists and therapists, and educators. Our diverse backgrounds, both cultural and artistic, complement our values and philosophy of sharing and promoting art and culture through innovative, enjoyable and creative experiences for all. 

  • Fullname : Vassiliki Varellas
  • Specialization : Founder/Art & Design Educator
  • Fullname : Brendan Hickling
  • Specialization : Architect/Painter
  • Fullname : Louise Brandwood Price
  • Specialization : Surface Pattern Designer
  • Fullname : Apollonas Glykas
  • Specialization : Painter/Photographer
  • Fullname : Stella Georgiou
  • Specialization : Book binder
  • Fullname : Konstandinos Petrinos
  • Specialization : Photographer
  • Fullname : Joanna Veskouki
  • Specialization : Textiles artist
  • Fullname : Yiorgos Evaggelou
  • Specialization : Iconographer, Fresco Painter
  • Fullname : Sunny Levi
  • Specialization : Music/Music Therapy